Tipi Rain Catcher

Tipi Rain Catcher: How Did You Get That Up There?

Tipi’s were originally designed for life in North America, where I’ve heard they have this thing called “sunshine”. We’re not…

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Too Much Smoke

How To Avoid Too Much Smoke In Your Tipi

Once we had constructed the outer shell of our tipi we were very impatient to get a fire going inside,…

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Tipi Exterior

Our Beautiful Tipi Canvas Is Up

Hi everyone. well we’ve been working extra hard to get our tipi complete before the bad weather comes. Unfortunately it’s…

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Tipi Accessories

Tipi Shopping List

Because we decided to build our own tipi (at least partially, not totally from scratch), I thought it would be…

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Tipi Poles With Bark

Seventeen Tipi Poles on A Car Roof

K: “I’ve found a company in Gloucestershire who sell just the poles, so we can buy them separately. Also, we…

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Blue Sky

We Are Going To Build A Tipi

“We’re going to build a tipi and live in it.” Slightly stunned silence… “Are you pulling my leg?” “No, we’re…

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